Manejo del ResultSet para PostgreSQL en JAVA

I'm having trouble setting the result set to anything but FORWARD_ONLY.

If I do this:

pstmt = conn.prepareStatement("select name, name from  
amz.product_detail_items order by name");
rs = pstmt.executeQuery();

I get:

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: Invalid fetch direction constant:  

I get the same error if I set it on the pstmt object before executing  
the query.

Using version 311 of the JDBC driver and 8.0.2.




2 comentarios en “Manejo del ResultSet para PostgreSQL en JAVA”

  1. Hi
    Have you tried this way?

    final String SQL = “SELECT name, name FROM amz….”;
    PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement(SQL,
    ResultSet rs = ps.executeQuery();

  2. with that code you can use the next code:

    rs.absolute(numero); “numero” is any integer value that you put there to move the cursor of the result of SQL var. but if you dont use the code: Resultset.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE and CONCUR_READ_ONLY them the code: rs.absolute(numero); it won´t work!!


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