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Formatos Axisx o y en MS Chart 4.0

How do I use ChartValueType.Time on the XAxis of a line chart?


I’m trying to draw a FastLine graph where the points are all really (TimeSpan timeSinceStart,  double value).

Because the graph won’t bind to TimeSpan I’ve used DateTime instead – with all x values relative to DateTime(1900,1,1)  – is this the correct thing to do?

However, when I plot the series it refuses to put “sensible” values in for the Minimum on the XAxis – how should this be setup? I’ve also tried using IsStartedFromZero – is this any use?

Some snippets of my code (if that helps)

            ChartArea area = new ChartArea(chartAreaName);
area.AxisX.IsLabelAutoFit = false;
//area.AxisX.IsStartedFromZero = true;
//area.AxisX.Minimum = 0.0;
//area.AxisX.Minimum = ChartPoint.BaseTime.;
area.AxisX.LabelStyle.Format = “hh:mm:ss”; //”N0″;
area.AxisX.IntervalType = DateTimeIntervalType.Hours;
area.AxisY.IsLabelAutoFit = false;

Series speedSeries = new Series(chartName);
speedSeries.Points.DataBind(items, xProperty, yProperty, string.Empty);
speedSeries.ChartType = SeriesChartType.FastLine;
speedSeries.ChartArea = chartAreaName;
speedSeries.XValueType = ChartValueType.Time;


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Manejo de Microsoft Chart Controls ASP.NET


The Microsoft Chart Controls provide ASP.NET developers with an API and a Web control for creating and displaying charts in a web page. Behind the scenes, the Microsoft Chart Controls take the data to be plotted and dynamically generates an image. This image can be generated using one of three techniques: the Chart Web control can generate the image and save it to the web server’s file system in a specified location; the Chart control can generate the image and store it in memory, session, or elsewhere, and have that image served by a built-in HTTP Handler, ChartHttpHandler; or the Chart control can send back the binary contents of the chart image directly to the browser. The chart image can be rendered using one of four image types: PNG, JPG, BMP, or EMF. And when rendering a JPG you can specify its compression level.

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Solucionando error ‘Invalid temp directory’ de los ASP.NET Chart Control

Al instalar me pide Password – postgresql

El problema es que cuando quiero instalar postgresql me pide contraseña, segun lo consultado es que la cuenta ya existe: a continuacion la solucion principal la cual funciona que es la eliminacion de la cuenta super usuario

eliminar usuario postgres

hacer clic en inicio
hacer clic en ejecutar
escribe cmd y haces clic en acptar
escribir net user postgres /del
presionar enter

y ya habras eliminado al usuario