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Nightwish – The Old History

The idea of Nightwish was born on July, 1996 at the middle night; when Toumas spent night with his friends in the campfire. They had three acoustic songs, those song were recorded between October and December, 1996. In this moment, the band had three members: Toumas, Tarja and Emppu.

            The band wanted that their music rang the drum and changes the acoustic guitar for an Electric guitar. Since that the drum was incorporated in the band Jukka came into the band.

            On April, 1997 the band recorded just seven songs for the first Nightwish album called “Angel Fall First”. Before the album was created, there was a single denominated “The carpenter” which was edited and its best moment was number eight in the official chart of Finland singles.

            The first album was released On November, 1997; their first concert was in Kitee on December, 1997. After that, Nightwish did seven concerts through the next winter because Jukka and Emppu were in military service and Tarja was pretty busy with her studies.

            On April, 1998 the shooting of the first video, called “The Carpenter”, began that video was ready in May and it was made by Jyrki. The next summer the bass Sami Vänskä is joint the band through that summer they were practicing the songs for the new album and the band went to studio at beginning of August.

            On November 13th, Nightwish did a show in Kitee, which was filmed for the video “Sacrament of Wilderness”. A single of this song was edited on November, 26th.

            Oceanborn album was the second album released on December 7th – 1998, it was a very successful. Since the winter of 1999 Nightwish did several shows around the world by three month.  On spring the Oceanborn album was released out of Finland. On August the band knew by “Oceanborn” and “Sacrament of Wilderness” had sold enough to be gold record. At the same time it was confirmed that Nightwish were going to do a Europe Tour of 26 shows with the German Band Rage.

            Since May the band began to play in almost every rock festivals during two and a half month at the same time the hit “Sleeping sun” was recorded, which was recorded because of an eclipse in Germany.

            At the beginning of 2000 the band comes back to record the third album. The new album was released in May. Wishmaster was approved for the fans and it was named like the album of the month by the Rock hard Germany magazine in it´ s edition of June, 2000.            The Wishmaster world tour began in Kite your born land, beginning the big Festival in Finland and next in South America through July, 2000.  On November Nightwish played in Montreal, Canada too.

            The next Nightwish project was the confection of a DVD and VHS with an album LIVE (Finland Only). The concert was made in Tampere on December 29th – 2000 and it was released on April, 2001 in Finland the around the world through the summer of 2001.

            On March, 2001 Nightwish recorded its version of Gary Moore “Over the Hills and Far away” along with two new songs. After the released of this album Toumas went to Lappland to think about other changes he could do to the band, all of this because of disagreement between the members of group, he refused to end with the band but fortunately it never happened.

            At the end of the 2001 something happened in the band Sami Vänskä truly went away gone. Marco Hietala, well known like Tarot and Sinergia, he came in the band like a replacement for the next album and Tours.

            So there was the grand opening of the first official business products for fans The Nightwish – Shop in the bands website on November 24th – 2001 the previous month for Christmas. 

            On January, 2002 began the recording for the next album, it´s was called “Century Child” in this same year the fans didn´t leave them for the changes rather it was just the opposite. “Ever dream” was the first single of this album, becoming in gold record in just two days in Finland.

            Century Child was edited on May, 2002; making records in sales in just two weeks was sold 30.000 copies. Nightwish kept on in the highest position in top list of sales.

            Many Europe shows were broadcasted live in Internet. Almost ten thousand fans tried to follow the live shows, all connections were saturated.  The break began ending 2002. But each integrant had another music project with other bands. On March, 2003 Nightwish got its first award for “Century Child” by 60.000 copies sold.  On May, 2003 Tarja Turunen announced that she got married in secret several months before, and she came back to Finland.

The DVD “End of Innocence” was released on October 6th – 2003 and in this moment Nightwish had recorded its next album, called “Once”. This album was the most important in all Nightwish History because of it’s the big international trajectory. Meanwhile the Finland president Tarja Halonen knew about Nightwish´s success and she had invited Tarja Turunen and her husband Marcelo Cabuli at the party about the Independence Day made at the presidential resident. Tarja´s dress was chosen as the most beautiful of that event.

 Many shows that the band did through the year 2003 were outside of Finland, the unique show made in Finland was RMJ 2003, on June 20th, 2003.

            On 2004 the album was created at phoenix´s Studios in London and The Academy of St. Martins in the field, the same studio and orchestra that Howard Shore used to make the “Lord of the Ring”. The coral arrangements and Orchestral were written by Pip Williams who produced for Status Quo and Uria Heep. Big moment and great expectations.  “Memo” was first hit launched from album; this song had a video with high budget by Antti Jokinen.

            “Once” was gold in Finland the day of its release Nightwish would begin a world Tour of 150 concerts around the world and the tour it would last until the end of 2005. The tour was the biggest in Nightwish´s History. Until now

            On October 22nd – 2005 a day before the last concert of the tour “Once Upon” started in the Hartwall Areena, in Finland, Toumas Holopainen, the leadership of the band came out in your webside with an open letter, this letter was sent to Tarja Turunen the previous night and it was communicated to all the fans, that Nightwish´s singer had been expelled of the band. This expelling had two causes.

            The first cause was at the moment that Toumas composed songs, and he delivered her, and she practiced them in her house, next she meet with the band and they recorded them in the album.

            The second cause was the effects that gave the married of Tarja with the relationship that she had to with the band.

            Tarja Turunen was expelled after the last concert of “Once World Tour” (considered the best concert of the band until now). After the edition in DVD under the title “End of an Era”. The band finally decided to end the band History with Tarja Turunen.

            At the end of May, 2007 after one year of searching for a new singer, the name was revealed: Anette Olzon (Anette´s Blog). She is from Sweden, she had thirty five years old and she is a mother with a musical career of years.

            Anette was presented together with the first single called “Eva” the new album.

            Their fans could appreciate that her rank was different from Tarja, and she had forbidden sing the old songs of Nightwish but she was accepted by the leader Toumas Holopainen.

            Currently Nightwish continued with its music releasing of its new album “Dark passion play”, to come out with new video clips. This is the end of this history.