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Nokia – N900 Smartphone

Nokia N900

Currently Nokia doesn´t want to keep on calling “phone” to their devices of high level, like the N97. They want it to denominate as a “mobile computer”, showing that they are devices with many functions, very different to just call, receive and send messages. The N900 is even more focus in this look. In fact, Nokia has more possibility of internet connections than it´s possibility as a phone.

One of the bigger qualities of the new N900 is the great capacity of storage and the execution of new application that the final user can download from internet.

Nokia has bet strongly by their new model N900 and also by Maemo, offering another alternative for the operative systems of Smartphone more famous in the last two years, which are: Iphone OS and Android.

The first was created by Apple in its famous Iphone and the second was created by Google with the intension of stay inside of this type of market.

The N900 is a model that include the most advances qualities among they include:  a touch screen of 3.5 inches with a maxim resolution 800 x 480 pixels, an integrated receptor of GPS, a camera of until 5 megapixels, an ARM processor, a slot to expand the memory although of microSD card, video output to TV with NTSC and PAL support, WIFI receptor 802.11b/g, and 256 mb RAM.

This device weights 180 grams, it is 110 millimeter high, it´s has an internal memory of 32 GB that´s used for applications and like a virtual memory to expand the RAM in execution time, also it has QWERTY and consist in a keyboard of the Nokia N900 that appear to sliding the screen.

The most important things that we should know!

The price of the Nokia N900:

  • The price in Euros is 599 €
  • In Venezuela it´s possible to find out either in Valencia or Caracas, It´s prices is around: 4900 – 6400 Bs.f, also in Mercadolibre it´s possible to find this device with a price of 3900 bs.f

O.S. Maemo:

This is the principal change of the Nokia N900 its operating system Maemo 5, it was created by Linux and it´s very different to Symbia and S60 5th edition that use other touch models.

Maemo: it´s an operating system designed specifically to mobile devise, it´s development is forced by the Finland Multinational Nokia, that use a mix model, mixing component opensource together with other private ones.

Nokia took various years offering terminals with Maemo, since the beginning of the internet table that begun in 2005, when Nokia launched the revolutionary Nokia 770.

Currently this operating system arrives to the current Maemo 5 and the N900 is the first Smartphone of Nokia that it had the honor to use this version.

Maemo was development in the Debian distribution and use the Linux´s Kernel. Instead of use the main libraries of GNU like in Debian, Maemo use BusyBox. This software is designed for portable devices, getting to reduce the resources consumption like the RAM memory. The processor and the consumed energy that include the functionality of the principal libraries and utilities of GNU.

User Interface:

The graphic system that Maemo has, it´s compose by X – Window, it used like windows manager Match box. This manager has been designed to have a high performed in mobile devices in operating system running with the Linux´s Kernel.

The graphic interface of Maemo 5 has three main components: the first component is the desktop that allows changing the same components like, wallpapers, shortcut and specify widgets. The second is the task manager, it´s undertaken to offer information about the application and process that it’s running, allowing changes between them. Maemo execute the application in multi-task. The last component is a menu of applications that give access to all the applications installed in the device.


In this part Maemo include a collection of applications depending on the kind of work:


It´s references to the N900 with an Audio and Video player to several formats like MP3, AAC, WMA and WAV, also it has the FM emission that allows listen to RADIO, DLNA compatibility, to send contents to TV and the formats that N900 support: AVI, WMV, H.264, Xvid, etc.

A simple photo editor that allows the edition of pictures, the final user can save information about the coordinates GPS where it has been taking, also it´s possible uploading directly the pictures from websites like Facebook or Flickr.

Software Update to Nokia N900

This Update appeared, when Nokia Conversations announced that there was a new software update ready for the N900.

This update to the Nokia N900 adds support Nokia Ovi Suite and it´s easier to get access and synchronize files and messages between the device and the computer desktop.

At the same time, to add hundreds of changes and fixes that it will allow that the Nokia N900 to run faster and soft that ever and also to invite download games and applications from Ovi Store.

This software update of The Nokia N900 it will be ready in all the countries where the device is sale actually.

It´s the version 1.2009.44 – 1 of firmware of this tablet with Maemo 5 and it can download and update over-the-air or from Nokia Software Updater in the PC; in the next twenty four hours it will be in the entire world. The users of N900 that are connected to internet they will receive a notification in the status area of the device.

Besides of some minor betterments, the most important of this new software is the preparation of the N900 to support Ovi Store whose opening to Maemo will arrive very soon.


The N900 has two point of support in the hardware and software. It´s hardware has Wifi connection with compatibility HSPA and 3G support. In the software part the Maemo has the browser with the Mozilla code; this software includes support Flash v 9.4 offering the ability of video reproduction in sites like youtube or Vimeo and play websites with many animations.

Other applications available in the Maemo are: Skype and Gtalk. Maemo also offer several application of PIM (Personal Information Management) and our Planning of tasks or send and receive mails.

This operating system has several types of servers like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail and it´s compatible of others that use the protocols like IMAP and POP3.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

Maemo isn´t only an operating system with some applications also include a SDK that allows developing applications for the operating system by the final user. Maemo can use several develop languages to create applications between them including: C, Python and Java. The SDK of Maemo is about the cross compilation tools (cross – compilation) of Scratchbox.

With this operating system is possible acquire privileges of super – user executing the command “SUDO  gainroot”, to install application like Firefox, Abiword, Gnumeric and Gizmo to use the “Apt” software, same that Debian and Ubuntus use.

OVI (Nokia)

The word OVI means “door” in suomi. It´s Offering a personalized panel where the users can share pictures, buy music and enter to other services like Flick of yahoo.


It was named the August 29, 2007 in the event GoPlay in London. On December 4th. It was to advertise the complete plan with more details, like the launching of the first public beta of the desktop software. This beta version was launched at the beginning of 2008.

The services offered through Ovi were the following:

Nokia Music Store:

It´s a part of services in internet, Nokia Music Store allows to buy music directly from the mobile device or from a PC.

Nokia Maps:

This services maps previously existence. The users can download the maps from the Smartphone or from the PC.

N – Gage

It´s the game platform N-Gage, it has been incorporated in the models NOKIA N73, N78, N81, N82, N93, N93i, N95, N96 and Nokia 5320. Available since of 2008.

Share on OVI:

It´s a web service to share multimedia. Originally called Twango, the site allows the update and laying up of pictures, videos, etc.

File on OVI:

It´s a betterment version of the service Avvenu “Access and share”. This service allow to the users access to their files from any pc or mobile devices of remote way.

The next video, it´s an advertising video of the Nokia N900.

In HD.

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